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HEIL Engineered Process Equipment Enters 83rd Year

HEIL Engineered Process Equipment enters it’s 83rd year of continuous operation with renewed commitment to continuous improvement and growth in the FRP composites industry.

Heil started life as Heil & Company in 1929. Founded by Chemical Engineer Carl Heil, Heil & Company developed and marketed state of the art corrosion resistant paints, coatings and specialty lining materials.

During 1940 Carl Heil changed the Company name to Heil Engineering Company to better reflect the advances in materials and the addition of steel, lead and graphite fabrication facilities as well as facilities for thermoplastic lining and coating.

In response to the continued expansion of product lines and fabrication capabilities the name was changed again, this time to Heil Process Equipment, the name we still use today.

During 1954 Heil began experimental fabrication with a “new” material that offered exceptional corrosion resistance, the ability to readily fabricate complex shapes while offering high strength and reduced weight. This material formed the base of what we now know as FRP composites.

Based on the ease of design and fabrication and the ability to create a high strength, highly corrosion resistant product, FRP composite fabrications soon became the dominate fabrication material.

During the 1960’s and 1970’s the demand for FRP products continued exponential growth due to the demand for FRP composite tanks, piping and misc. fabrications. And by the addition of new products including fume scrubbers, exhaust fans, ductwork, hoods and covers, and stacks driven by industry and the public demand for a cleaner, safer environment.

The 1980’s through the present offer many opportunities for continued growth through the use of new and advanced resins and reinforcements and fabrication methods that further improve corrosion resistance and strength of finish products.

These new materials can offer fire retardant properties, low smoke generation, static dissipation and increased corrosion resistance to an ever expanding list of chemical and corrosive environments.

In addition to new materials and fabrication technologies the demand for more efficient fume scrubbers for a wider variety of applications require continued improve of designs and processes. Heil’s scrubber selection includes Packed tower (Heil 730 Series), Tray tower (Heil 740 Series), Crossflow scrubbers (Heil 760 Series), High Energy Venturi (Heil 720 Series), Eductor Venturi (Heil 770 Series) and air strippers, entrainment separators and specialty scrubber internals.

This wide selection of scrubber types and configurations allows Heil to select and apply the  options and combinations best suited to individual applications.

The ongoing requirement for reduced power demand per application has resulted in advanced tower internals that perform at high levels of efficiency while offering reduced resistance to flow and extended useful life.

During this period the Heil line of corrosion resistant FRP composite fans was expanded  from the Heil HAL and HALR axial and roof axial, radial (Heil HCB Series) and forward curved radial (Heil HCL Series) centrifugal design to include Heil HBI Series backward curved and Heil HB Series backward inclined fans that offer reduced horsepower and quieter operation. 

At Heil we preserve the best of past with a commitment to continued growth through advancements in materials and technology

Heil Employees Celebrate 20 Years of Continuous Operation and Growth when this 1949 picture was taken

Group picture at dinner for employees of Heil Process Equipment Corporation