Heil Entrainment Separation, Mist Eliminators and Scrubber Internals

Heil offers a complete line of stand alone entrainment separators and mist eliminators that are also incorporated into Heil scrubbers. 

Heil Heilex EB “chevron” style entrainment separator blades are available in a variety of materials including FRP, stainless steel, PVC and Noryl. These multi-bend separator blades offer high removal efficiencies at low pressure drops and can be configured for most any application.

Heilex KMP and SEP knit and structured entrainment separator pads offer increased removal efficiencies of smaller entrained liquid droplets and are used in both primary and secondary entrainment removal.

The Heilex EB separator blades, KMP and SEP eliminators are also available as series 922 entrainment separator modules. The Heil 922 offers a housed entrainment separator that can be incorporated into new construction or as an addon to improve entrainment removal.

A variety of tower packings are available from Heil. These include Heilex, Tripacks, saddles, rings and structured packing. Most packing is available in polypropylene, polyethylene and a wide variety of other thermoplastics and stainless steel. Packing support grids, re-distributors, liquid distributor trays and troughs and spray distributors are also available to complete your new tower or tower retrofit.efficiency in an existing system.

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