Series 730 Countercurrent Scrubbers

730The Heil Series 730 Countercurrent Scrubber is specifically designed to efficiently remove corrosive, noxious and/or nuisance gases from process or ventilation air streams.

The air stream entering the scrubber is first contacted by the scrubbing solution as it drains from the packed bed to the integral sump below. A spray header located above the packing properly distributes the scrubbing solution across the top of the packing. The air stream then moves upward through the packed bed countercurrently to the downward flowing liquid. Traveling a torturous route through the packing extends the contact time between the air and the liquid, as well as, increasing the intimacy of gas/liquid contact.

The type of gas and the desired removal efficiency will determine the bed depth, packing size, irrigation rate and chemical requirement.

The gas them passes through the liquid spray above the packing. Prior to leaving the scrubber, the scrubbed air passes through a mist eliminator (Heilex EB 2-Bend Mist Eliminator Blades or mesh pad) to remove entrained droplets.

Series 730 Applications

730-2Heil Series 730 Countercurrent Scrubbers are ideally suited for service in a wide variety of applications in industries such as chemical, pulp & paper, steel & metal finishing, fertilizer and pharmaceutical. In addition, the Series 730 Countercurrent Scrubber has been used successfully for the control of odors generated in water and wastewater treatment, laboratory exhausts, heat transfer and air stripping/degasifying.

The Series 730 Countercurrent Scrubber are effective for the removal of corrosive and or noxious fumes and mists (5-7 microns and larger) from a gas stream.

Series 730 Features

730-1Principal features of the Series 730 Countercurrent Scrubber are:

High Efficiency – Proper sizing of the unit, selection of packing and packing depth, irrigation rate and chemical feed can result in efficiencies of 99% or better. Standard units contain 2, 5 ½ or 10 ft of packing. Units are custom designed to the specific requirements of each individual application.

Low Initial Cost – Pre-engineered standard designs are available from 400 CFM to 65,000 CFM.

Low Operating Cost – The static pressure drop at the rated capacity is less than 4” w.c. for the standard 5 ½ ft bed depth. In addition, scrubbing solutions can be recirculated using the integral pump. This reduces fresh water consumption and eliminates the need for extra tankage for the scrubber solution.

Versatile – The Series 730 Countercurrent Scrubber is designed to handle a wide variety of applications from removal of acid gases to degasifying a contaminated liquid. Units can be staged in series to achieve maximum efficiencies even on the most difficult applications.

Extended service life – The Series 730 Countercurrent Scrubber has been designed with maximum corrosion resistance as a primary consideration. The wide selection of corrosion resistant materials feature Rigidon FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) as a standard material with thermoplastic, dual laminate (thermoplastic with FRP overlay), stainless steel and other alloy construction available.

Series 730 Equipment Selection 

The key factor in selecting the right countercurrent scrubber for a given application are gas volume to be ventilated, type of contaminate(s) present, quantity of contaminant present and the required removal efficiency. 

Heil’s engineers will gladly assist in the selection of a countercurrent scrubber, as well as sizing and selection of accessory items, such as pumps, fans, chemical feed systems, etc. to make a complete scrubber system.

Heil’s engineers will then provide a specific quotation on the appropriate scrubber.

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