Series 760 Crossflow Scrubbers

scrubber-760The Heil Series 760 Crossflow Scrubber is a versatile unit, specifically designed to remove mists, gases and particulates.

The gas stream enters the scrubber horizontally and at right angles to the packed bed. A spray header located at the inlet initiates the gas/liquid contact and provides irrigation to the front to the packed bed. Additional spray headers located at the top of the bed provide complete irrigation and wetting of the packed bed.

As the gas passes through the packing entrained mists and particulate impinge on both the packing and liquid droplets and are rinsed from the bed. Simultaneously, soluble gas contaminants, i.e. HCL, H₂S, CL₂, are absorbed. The type of gas and the desired removal efficiency will determine the bed depth, irrigation rate, and chemical requirement.

Once scrubbed, the gas then passes through a mist eliminator (Heilex EB 4-Bend Mist Eliminator Blades) to remove entrained droplets. The gas is then exhausted to atmosphere.

Series 760 Applications

760 Cross FlowHeil Series 760 Crossflow Scrubbers are ideally suited for service in a wide variety of applications in industries such as chemical, pulp and paper, steel and metal finishing, fertilizer, and pharmaceutical. In addition, the Series 760 Crossflow has also been used successfully for the control of odors generated in water and waste water treatment and laboratory exhausts.

The Series 760 Crossflow Scrubbers are effective for the removal of corrosive and/or noxious fumes, and particulate matter (moderate loadings) 5-7 microns and larger.

Series 760 Features

crossflow scrubberPrincipal features of the Series 760 Crossflow Scrubber are:

High Efficiency – Proper Sizing of the unit and selection of packing depth and irrigation rate can result in efficiencies of 99% or better. While a standard unit contains a 3 ft. deep bed of packing, each unit is custom designed to the specific requirements of each individual application.

Compact Design – The series 760 Crossflow Scrubber is a compact unit frequently used where space, particularly headroom, is limited or where a low profile (for aesthetic reasons) is preferred.

Non-Clogging – Since the gas stream and the irrigating liquid do not directly oppose one another, as in a countercurrent scrubber, the Series 760 Crossflow Scrubber tends not to clog even while handling moderate particulate loads.

Low Operating Cost – In addition to its improved solids handling capability, the crossflow design also results in reduced static pressure losses; approximately 20% less than a comparably sized countercurrent unit. In addition, the crossflow design allows lower irrigation rates, thus both water and power consumption are reduced.

Versatile – The Series 760 Crossflow Scrubber is designed to handle a wide variety of applications. The crossflow mode permits units to be easily staged in series to achieve maximum efficiencies on the most difficult applications.

Extended Service Life – Corrosion resistant materials of construction, Rigidon FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer) is standard, providing a long service life in highly corrosive service conditions with a minimum of maintenance.

Series 760 Equipment Selection 

The key factors in selecting the right crossflow scrubber for a specific application are gas volume to be ventilated, type of contaminants, and the required efficiency.

Heil’s engineers will gladly assist in the selection of a crossflow scrubber, as well as sizing and selection of accessory items, such a sump, fans, etc. to make a complete scrubber system.   Heil’s engineers will then provide a specific quotation on the appropriate scrubber and/or system.

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