Particulate Control

Particulate Control

Particulate emissions can be generated from various industry sources.  

HEIL's engineered emission controls are designed to remove particulates in the gas stream whether it is an insoluble solid carried over in a contaminated gas stream or a soluble that was preformed or generated by a chemical reaction.

While some forms of soluble particulate can be scrubbed utilizing a packed bed scrubber, there are some soluble particulates that require specific combined technologies to be removed from the gas stream.

This is based on particulate size and composition.


Dependent of the size and loading rate of the particulate Heil Engineered Process Equipment can provide the necessary solution with one of the following types of air pollution equipment:

  1. Series 720 High Energy Venturi Scrubber: A low pressure high loading rate of scrubbing liquid is mixed with the contaminated air stream that is mixed in a high velocity throat prior to an expansion chamber where impact technology is designed to entrain the particulate in the liquid.

  2. Series 770 Water Jet Scrubber: The airstream with the particulate is introduced to a high pressure supply of scrubbing liquid designed to create an induced draft, where it is then mixed in a high velocity throat section, then through an expansion section designed to entrain the particulate in the liquid.

  3. Series740 Sieve Tray Scrubber: While the once thru scrubbing liquid cascaded thru the series of sieve trays is designed for removal of gaseous fumes, the addition of a spray section prior to the first tray and the orifice design of the tray will provide adequate removal of larger particulate.

Often a multistage train of scrubber technology is required to achieve complete gas stream cleaning. Particulates (soluble and insoluble) that do not readily dissolve in the scrubbing solution will create clogging issues in a packed bed. If the gas stream contains contaminants that require a packed bed for removal, particulate removal must be addressed prior to entry into a packed bed.

Common industries where particulate emissions are present: 

HEIL Engineers can design the best control technology to achieve
superior removal efficiencies for your specific gas stream emissions.

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