Process Reactor Exhaust Scrubbers

In lieu of a continuous exhaust for process system, many systems are operated in smaller process reactor batch operations.  After several compounds are added to a process batch reactor, a HEIL wet scrubber will handle the exhaust gas to remove noxious or corrosive fumes and particulate. The HEIL scrubber system also reduces excess temperature and pressure from the heat of reaction.  

These units are each designed specific for your process application, to allow for:

  1. Limited or no system waste discharge
  2. Process operation optimized for chemical addition
  3. Process exhaust system to be handled in one single batch or multiple batches
  4. System sump tank sized to handle multiple batches or concentrate batches 

Process Reactor Exhaust Scrubbers differ from continuous process exhaust scrubbers due to their short operation time, high temperature and/or pressure either needed for the reaction to occur or created from the chemical reaction, along initial high inlet concentrations that taper during the batch length.  With either a single Heil scrubber or various Heil products, we can size and design the scrubber to optimize fresh water feed and/or chemical consumption, while meeting the project budget.

The key parameters required for properly sizing a ProcessReactor Exhaust scrubber include the following:

Inlet Temperature  Inlet Pressure Water Vapor Content
Ventilation Rate Contaminant Loading Desired Removal Efficiency
Water only/Chem Addition Skidmounted BatchTimes
Number of batches/scrubber operation    

The scope of supply for a Process Reactor Exhaust scrubbing system generally includes but not be limited to HEIL wet scrubber(s), recycle pump and piping, electrical control panel, instrumentation, duct work, fan, and stack.

HEIL systems typically consist of our Heil Model 770 water jet venturi scrubber and/or Heil Model 730 vertical, counter-current packed tower mounted on a Heil sump tank.

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