Chemical Storage Tank Uploading/Venting Scrubbers

Tank Filling and Venting

Chemical storage tank filling, or uploading/venting scrubbers help reduce emissions of hazardous and/or corrosive vapors into the atmosphere. Tank vent scrubbers also contribute to operator safety and protect operational investments, such as equipment and facilities.

Custom Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Chemical Tank Scrubbers

HEIL Engineered Process Equipment tank uploading/venting scrubber systems typically consist of our Model 730 scrubbers and are designed to meet your system requirements. Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) is the ideal material of construction for these systems because of its resistance to corrosion and capability of withstanding high temperatures.

Chemical storage tank uploading/venting scrubbers commonly utilize hydrochloric acid (HCl), hydrofluoric acid (HF), nitric acid (HNO3) or ammonia (NH3), to name a few. Each unit is designed for its specific environment, application, and requirements.

Key factors for properly sizing a chemical storage tank uploading/venting scrubber include:

  • Type of hazardous/corrosive chemical
  • Operating/design temperature
  • Tank fill rate or duration of fill
  • Chemical storage tank vent size
  • Type of tank filling:
    • Pump fill
    • Pneumatic fill, which requires assessment of the final blow-out pressure
  • Require outlet concentration
  • Corrosion and temperature resistance of materials
  • Indoor or outdoor installation

Full Scope Chemical Storage Tank Uploading/Venting Scrubber System

The scope of supply for a tank uploading/venting scrubber system generally includes a packed tower and, depending on your system operation, can include an optional chemical storage tank, system induced draft fan, ductwork, discharge stack, recycle pump and piping, electrical control panel, and instrumentation. Depending on the system size, shop skid mounting and modular assemblies can be provided to minimize installation time and costs.

The high-efficiency packed tower will complete the scrubbing action for contaminant removal and can be designed for removal efficiencies exceeding 99.9 percent.

Optional equipment additions include the chemical storage tank, sized to contain a solution of sufficient dilution to neutralize the entire mass from the tank uploading without undue temperature rise. You may also choose to incorporate a system induced draft fan to turn on after the uploading process for complete storage tank ventilation.


In some applications, the high concentration of fuming acid gases may require additional control equipment to manage the formation of sub-micron acid mists. Eductor venturi scrubbers, high-efficiency mesh pad mist eliminators or fiber bed mist eliminators may be required to capture both the gaseous and sub-micron mists.

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