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ECS Environmental Solutions Acquires KCH Engineered Systems and HEIL Engineered Process Equipment


December 20th, 2019 – ECS Environmental Solutions, KCH Engineered Systems and HEIL Engineered
Process Equipment are pleased to announce they have come together to form a single, powerful
organization to meet the odor and air pollution control needs of municipal and industrial customers alike.

The combination of the three companies brings together ECS, a leading designer and manufacturer of
odor control systems for the municipal wastewater market with KCH and HEIL, leaders in the design and
manufacture of air pollution control systems for industrial markets. ECS/KCH/HEIL now provides a full
suite of fiberglass and thermoplastic products including chemical scrubbers, biological systems, carbon
adsorption systems, NSF certified degasifiers, AMCA certified exhaust fans and blowers, mist eliminators
and corrosion resistant ducting to meet the challenges of air pollution control needs.

“We’re thrilled to be joining forces with KCH and Heil,” said Jeff Jones, CEO of ECS. “We’ve known of each
other for a long time and have been impressed by each others’ organizations. The combination allows us
to bring our knowledge of the municipal market together with KCH and HEIL’s industrial expertise. Our
combined engineering, design, manufacturing, and service expertise is second to none. With one phone
call or email, ECS/KCH/HEIL customers have access to outstanding FRP manufacturing, thermoplastic
fabrication, steel fabrication and a deep bench of engineering talent.”

“We’re very excited to bring these three leaders in the odor and air pollution control industry together,”
said Kyle Hankinson, President of KCH and HEIL. “With the combination of ECS, KCH, and HEIL we now
have the strongest, most experienced team in the industry available to meet a full range of challenges
faced by our customers. In addition, with nearly 200,000 square feet of design and manufacturing space,
we are able to produce the highest quality equipment to the precise specifications required for both
industrial and municipal situations. This is a real game-changer.”

Both Jones and Hankinson stressed that customers of ECS, KCH, and HEIL will continue to receive the same
outstanding service and quality to which they have become accustomed. “Over time,” Jones echoed,
“we’ll leverage our abilities to bring new, innovative solutions to market, and will always stay focused on
our customers.” Jones and Hankinson are both significant shareholders in the combined business of
ECS/KCH/Heil and are committed to stay with the combined company to oversee future growth across
municipal and industrial markets.

The combined ECS/KCH/HEIL offers customers deep and unmatched vertical integration that allows the
Company to control quality and scheduling. The combination also gives customers three facilities to lean
on for support of their projects with world class FRP, thermoplastic and metal fabrication experience and
engineering depth.


ECS/KCH/HEIL (the “Company”) has facilities in Belton, Texas; Forest City, North Carolina; and Sheffield,
Ohio. The combined business has extensive in-house FRP fabrication capability, extensive in-house
thermoplastic fabrication capability and extensive in-house metal fabrication capability. The Company
offers a full range of air pollution control solutions, including activated carbon systems, biological systems,
biotrickling filter systems, chemical scrubbing systems, venturi scrubbers, alloy quenches, NSF certified
degasifiers, AMCA certified exhaust fans and blowers, mist eliminators, corrosion resistant ducting, and
surface finishing equipment. The Company has a deep bench of engineering expertise including chemical
engineers to solve customers’ most demanding air pollution control challenges. The combined companies
perform in-house process designs and structural calculations to ensure a thorough, well designed
system. The Company’s chemical engineers are well versed in mass transfer, absorption, adsorption,
stripping, and cooling of gas streams. ECS/KCH/HEIL serves the Municipal, Transportation,
Microelectronics, Defense, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, and Energy sectors.

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