In House Manufacturing

In House Manufacturing

In House Manufacturing: 

This is why many of our systems have lasted for more than 50 years and still in operation today across the United States.

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Did you know?  

HEIL is the only company in the United States that manufactures fiberglass fans along with a full line of venturi, seive, jet eductor, and packed bed scrubbers, in our own facilities, from the bottom up.  All other outsource various components, sacrificing quality of the complete system.  The quality of fiberglass fabrication is directly related to the skill and experience of the employees that build fiberglass products.  

HEIL's in house team of fiberglass fabricators have an average experience level of more than 30 years directly with Heil.  This gives Heil engineers and leadership the highest level of confidence and control over the manufacturing quality and lead time of our products.    All other competitors in the industry outsource most or all of their products to subcontractors to build, sacrificing quality and lead time of their products.  Outsourced fabricators often have high turnover of employees, leading to inexperienced and lesser skilled employees to build scrubbers products. 

HEIL has also recently invested in Automated Thermoplastic Fabrication Equipment, including Butt Fusion welding and Automated Bending Machines.  This addition now gives the HEIL in house capabilities to make a variety of dual-laminate vessels.     

HEIL staff pioneered many of the quality assurance initiatives used today by fiberglass fabricators across the United States.  Heil staff directly contributed to the writing of the PS 15-69 Standards and the SMACNA Thermoset FRP Duct Construction Manual, both of which are still referenced and used today across the industry.

HEIL can also build our systems to the RTP-1 level of quality standards.  

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