Quality Control and the safe operation of our equipment is paramount at Heil.  With systems in operation for over 50 years in harsh and corrosive environments, the quality of our products have been proven in the field.  Quality inspections are documented thoughout the production process to ensure mistakes can be caught and prevented, ensuring the highest level of quality.  The average production employee has over 30 years of continuous experience in fiberglass fabrication techniques.  

Heil has built numerous systems to the ASME RTP-1 standard for a number of years.  We are very familiar with the rigorous inspection and documentation requirments in adhering to RTP-1 

Heil closely adheres to a number of primary common Quality standards to include:

  • NBS 15-69
  • ASTM D4097
  • SMACNA Thermoset FRP Duct

Heil design engineers also closely follow a number of secondary standard to ensure highest quality design and manufacturing of our products:

  • ASTM C 581, Chemical Resistance of Thermosetting Resins Used in Glass Fiber Reinforced Structures.
  • ASTM C 582, Reinforced Plastic Laminates for Self-Supporting Structures for use in a Chemical Environment.
  • ASTM D 256, Impact Resistance of Plastics.
  • ASTM D 570, Water Absorption of Plastics.
  • ASTM D 638, Tensile Properties of Plastics.
  • ASTM D 695, Compressive Properties of Rigid Plastics.
  • ASTM D 696, Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion of Plastics.
  • ASTM D 790, Flexural Properties of Plastics.
  • ASTM D 883, Definition of Terms Relating to Plastics.
  • ASTM D 2563, Classifying Visual Defects in Glass Reinforced Laminate Parts.
  • ASTM D 2583, Indentation Hardness of Rigid Plastics (Barcol).
  • ASTM E 84, Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials.
  • Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) Recommended Practices for Shipping and Installation of Plastic Pipe, Duct and Tanks.

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