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Chemical Production and Processing Industry

Basf Facility

The Chemical Production and Processing industry can involve very complex systems, requiring and in-depth knowledge of the process to apply the appropriate solution for emission controls.

Basf facility

Many of these processes combine high pollutant loading with elevated temperature and pressure.  

HEIL engineers are accustomed to these challenges and have designed numerous air pollution control systems for this industry.

Certain processes involving particulate and gas combinations, require HEIL engineers to design multistage systems involving venturi scrubbers combined with counter-current packed tower scrubbers or cyclones.  


HEIL has provided many packaged scrubber systems for Process Reactors in the chemical industry. Systems typically consist of our Heil Model 770 water jet venturi scrubber and/or
Heil Model 730 vertical, counter-current packed tower mounted on Heil sump tank.

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