Air Emission Control Systems for the Food and Beverage Processing Industries

Food and Beverage Processing

The food and beverage industries utilize various processes that create hazardous or malodorous emissions which must be controlled. HEIL has designed and built numerous pollution control systems in these markets for the protection of the employees, equipment, and facilities. 

Food processing companies utilize acids, alkalis, and buffers to enhance various aspects of food. Common food industry acids include Acetic Acid, Phosphoric Acid, and Hydrochloric acid.  These compounds are used in Sweeteners, Flavorings, Preservatives, and other food enhancement processes. Sulfur Dioxide is often used as a preservative in the drying and ripening of fruits and vegetables, as well as to maintain the color of certain foods.  

Beverage Processing facilities also utilize acids, alkalis and buffers to enhance various aspects of consumable alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. These processes can create off gassing which must be controlled to prevent worker exposure, along with facility and equipment corrosion.  Sulfur Dioxide is used in soft drinks and juices to preserve and extend their shelf life.  

Odor compounds are often created during food and beverage processing, and considered a nuisance to the employees and neighboring residences or businesses. 

Common controllable emissions and odors from the food and beverage processing industry:

  1. Hydrogen Sulfide
  2. Ammonia
  3. Mercaptans
  4. Sulfur Dioxide
  5. Hydrochloric Acid
  6. Acetic Acid
  7. Phosphoric Acid

Common HEIL products and applications within this market include the following:

  1. Series 730, 770, or 900 emergency gas scrubbers for accidental Emergency Release of Gas Cylinders
  2. Series 770 Venturi Scrubbers for Particulate emissions
  3. Series 730 or 900 scrubbers for Odor Control
HEIL Engineers will gladly analyze your application to determine the best control technology recommended for the emissions.  

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