Open Pit Surface Mine

The mining and mineral processing industries produce a variety of gaseous and particulate emissions, oftentimes in a combined air stream.  

Raw materials, such as quartz and silicon are extracted from the ground and purified by chemical processes.

The highly purified materials, such as polysilicon, are used in the solar and electronics industry for a variety of purposes.  

HEIL engineers have designed multistage systems to control the chemical emissions with high removal efficiency.  


Control a Variety of Compounds

Some of the compounds that HEIL systems control in the mining, mineral, and precious metals refining industry include: 

  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Nitric Acid emissions
  • NOx emissions
  • Aqua Regia emissions
  • Hydrogen Cyanide gas emissions
  • Particulate emissions
HEIL Engineers will look at specific applications to determine the best control technology recommended for emissions.

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