The Pharmaceutical industry contains numerous processes that require emission control equipment during the production of prescription and over the counter medicines. Many applications can be complex. HEIL on staff chemical and mechanical engineers have the expertise to design custom emission control solutions for pharmaceutical facilities. Typical applications within the Pharmaceutical market involve venting of process reactors and emergency release scrubber systems on gas cylinders.  

HEIL designs and fabricates combination 770 eductors and 730 packed tower systems mounted on a common sump tank to provide the motive force for the removal of vent gasses from process reactors and process support units.  The combination of 770 and 730 removes entrained liquids, solvents, and corrosive gas contaminates from vent streams.

Common pharmaceutical industry process emissions can include:

  1. Hydrochloric Acid
  2. Nitric Acid 
  3. Sulfur Dioxide
  4. NOx
  5. Chlorine
  6. Ammonia
  7. Emergency Releases of Gas Cylinders

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