Hydrogen Sulfide - H2S

Hydrogen Sulfide

Hydrogen Sulfide

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is a colorless, flammable gas that has a distinct "Rotten Egg" smell, even at very low concentrations in the air. Hydrogen Sulfide is often derived from bacterial breakdown of organic human and animal wastes in sewer systems. Hydrogen Sulfide is heavier than air and can collect in low lying poorly ventilated areas. It is slightly soluble in water. High concentrations of H2S can be explosive in confined spaces. 


Hydrogen Sulfide emissions are present across a variety of industries including waste water treatment facilities, pulp and paper mills, corrosion testing laboratories, and food processing.  Hydrogen Sulfide is also found in a dissolved form in ground water throughout the world.  

Health and Environmental Effects

Low concentrations of H2S exposure can irritate the eyes, nose, throat, and respiratory system. Exposure to high concentrations of H2S can cause immediate serious injury and death.  

Hydrogen Sulfide Odor Threshold = 5 ppb  

Hydrogen Sulfide IDLH = 100 ppm

Regulatory Considerations

Hydrogen Sulfide is considered a nuisance odor and is often regulated at the local level through municipal authorities.  

Hydrogen Sulfide OSHA PEL = 10 ppm

Control Technologies

HEIL Series 730 Counter-Current packed tower scrubbers are the most common technology for high efficiency scrubbing of Hydrogen Sulfide.  For applications with low inlet loading, HEIL engineers may recommend our Series 900 Carbon Adsorbers. 

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