Specially Designed Air Strippers

Corrosion Resistant. Made from FRP

Series 800 Air Stripper

The HEIL series 800 Air Stripper is designed to efficiently desorb or remove contaminants, such as VOCs and CO2, from the incoming liquid stream from processes, landfill remediation, and water treatment.

Although desorption, or stripping, is the functional opposite of absorption, or scrubbing, the same essential type of equipment is used.

The contaminated water is introduced at the top of a packed column, while fresh air, void of any contamination, is introduced at the bottom of the column.

As air and liquid travel a torturous route through the packing, they come in intimate contact for an extended time.

As the air and water move through the column in a countercurrent to one another, the contaminant diffuses from the water to the air.

The water that exits through the bottom of the column is cleansed of contaminants.

Series 800 Applications

HEIL series 800 Air Strippers are ideally suited for service in a wide variety of applications in industries such as chemical, mining, and water treatment. In addition, the Series 800 Air Strippers have been used successfully for the control of BTEX in landfill remediation projects.

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