Entrainment Separators

HEIL provides liquid entrainment separators for the removal and/or recovery of various entrained liquids. We are capable of designing installations with removal efficiencies of 99% or greater, depending on customer requirements. In systems where entrained liquids also contain solid particulates, such as dust from iron ore pellet plants or lime sulfate from power plant scrubbers, experience has shown that a properly designed blade module and water flush system will effectively sift that matter out and, therefore, limit or prevent downtime.

Entrainment Separators

Applications involving high-temperature excursions may require HEILEX alloy blades. A variety of alloys can be used to construct sturdy blade assemblies that are also exceptionally lightweight.

Every custom-designed HEILEX module and assembly is built for greatest ease of handling, cost effectiveness, reliability of service, and to fully meet each customer's requirements.



HEIL Process Equipment furnishes four-bend liquid entrain­ment separator blades and spacer brackets in standard 12 foot lengths, though other sizes are also available. Blades and brackets can be furnished in corrosion-resistant PVC, CPVC, FRP, polyphenylene oxide, 316L stainless steel and other alloys.

Assemblies - 923 and 924 Series 

HEIL Engineered Process Equipment can provide rectangular assemblies (923 Series), circular assemblies (924 Series), and special configurations, such as wedge shapes. While dimensions of each assembly may vary, HEIL will optimize each applica­tion to minimize overall cost, including those related to installation and handling. Structural supports and hold-downs can also be provided as required.


921 Series — There are 25 standard module sizes for insertion into existing ducts or towers. Special sizes are available to suit individual requirements. Units include blade assemblies in a fiberglass shell for easy handling and a coupling in the bottom front face for quick hook-up to the drain system. 

922 Series — This series is specially designed to remove and recover entrained liquids from process operations. Unit sizes are based upon duct velocities of 2200 fpm, with modified designs available to handle higher velocities. Modules can be inserted into new or existing duct systems using either flexible sleeves or flanges. Pressure drop across the unit, is less than 1.0" W.G. at rated flow.

The HEIL Series Entrainment Separator Advantage

Wide Range of Construction Materials

A complete selection of materials is available in the HEILEX blade profile to serve specific requirements for chemical or temperature resistance. Materials include PVC, CPVP, FRP, polyphenylene oxide, 316L stainless steel, as well as many standard and exotic alloys.

Reduced Power Requirements

In a system that uses HEILEX blades, static pressure drop is reduced, requiring less horsepower. Customer may also choose to install smaller fans, which lowers both the original equipment costs and annual operating costs.

Simplified, Sturdy Design

Simple construction reduces installation time. HEILEX thermoplastic blade assemblies feature a friction fit between the blades and notched spacer angles, as opposed to drilling holes or bonding with toxic cements for connectivity. Alloy assemblies are of welded construction, which like plastic assembly, is exceptionally lightweight and designed for ease of handling and installation.

Low Maintenance

Durable and corrosion-resistant, HEILEX blades have no moving parts and require limited maintenance.


The HEILEX blade is available in two sizes to provide the most cost-effective selection for specific removal requirements. Blades can be used in vertical or hori­zontal gas flows. Standard assemblies and modules are designed in several shapes for maximum capacity with minimum space requirements. HEIL can also custom-fabricate configurations, including support structurals and hold-downs.

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