Fiberglass Fans and Blowers

Exhaust Fans and Blowers

For over 70 years, HEIL has manufactured fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) fans and blowers for industries where corrosive fumes and gases must be cleaned and exhausted. The benchmark of HEIL fans is workmanship, which with exceptional quality employs advanced engineering techniques and state-of-the-art testing procedures. These qualities are reflected in the high reliability and low-maintenance of HEIL FANS in tough, corrosive environments.

High-Efficiency Fans

HCL Series

Designed to move air volumes up to 150,000 CFM and develop static pressures up to 11 inches water gauge (iwg). The HCL Series Fans use forward curved radial tip impellers with conical end rings. For greater economy, they offer a wide range of performances. Fans are available in 14 sizes to fit standard duct inside diameter (ID), from 6 inches to 60 inches.  


HCB Series 

The high-efficiency HCB Series fans utilize paddle wheel type impellers with conical end rings to generate static pressures up to 28 iwg and move air volumes up to 100,000 CFM. The self-cleaning characteristics of these fans make them an excellent choice for use in air streams that may contain solids. HCB Series fans are available in 13 standard duct sizes from 6 inches to 42 inches ID. 

HBI Series

The HBI Series high-efficiency non-overloading fans are designed with backward curved impellers, which reduce horsepower requirements and power consumption. These fans are ideally suited for applications where volume or pressure fluctuations occur, because the impeller construction reduces overload. Customers may choose from 15 sizes with 6 inch to 60 inch lD, with volumes up to 75,000 CFM, and static pressures up to 8 iwg.

HAL Series

This series of duct tubeaxial fans is designed for either horizontal or vertical mounting in an exhaust system. The streamlined drive housing designed into these units protects drive components from corrosive fumes. Efficient design results in both low initial costs and low operating costs. Fans are available in 8 sizes to handle volumes up to 68,000 CFM and static pressure up to 3 iwg. Sizes range from 18 inches to 60 inches in diameter.   


HALR Series

This tubeaxial roof ventilator series utilizes the basic HAL Series tubeaxial fan mounted on a roof curb panel. A solid FRP backdraft damper assembly for the fan discharge is also available. Sizes and capacities are similar to those of the HAL Series.


Axial fans produced by HEIL Process Equipment are available in both tubeaxial and roof ventilator designs. Units of both designs are fabricated with solid fiberglass reinforced plastic. A premium grade, fire-retardant resin is used. Fan shafts, bearings, and drive components are protected from corrosion by a streamlined drive housing that totally encloses all components and isolates them from the corrosive fumes. A gasketed access door permits inspection of bearings and shaft. A labyrinth grease seal is applied at the shaft opening in the drive enclosure to prevent fumes from entering. Oversized shafts and bearings are specified to ensure long-lasting operation and low maintenance. Lubrication lines for bearings are extended to the outside of the fan housing for easy maintenance. The motor is mounted on an adjustable steel motor base that is completely isolated from the airstream.  

Heil Fan Types 

Centrifugal Fans

In continued efforts to supply the industry with the best available FRP equipment, HEIL has added a new series of fans and completely re-engineered existing lines to incorporate state-of-the-art technology and materials. The new series features a backward curved impeller that increases efficiencies by up to 20 percent.



Both the fan housing and the impellers of the HEIL Line centrifugal fans, in all series, are fabricated of solid FRP over male models.

A steel hub, with a taper-lock bushing assembly, is encapsulated within the impeller to ensure a reliable, secure connection to the fan shaft.

Fire-retardant polyester is the standard material for fabrication of any fan component that comes into contact with the air stream. It has excellent corrosion resistance to a wide range of chemicals. There are also several resin types, in a standard gray color, that customers may choose for specific applications. All of the materials HEIL uses meet requirements set by the Air Movement and Control Association for standard, Type A spark resistant construction (SRC).

Smooth interior surfaces minimize frictional losses within the fan inlet, wheel, and housing, as well as any build-up of solids.

Close tolerance fabrication and tight quality control assure peak performance and excellent corrosion resistance while keeping maintenance requirements low.


Inspection and Testing

The in-process inspection during fabrication, assembly, and testing of each unit ensures that the highest quality standards are maintained. Each impeller is statically and dynamically balanced prior to assembly into the fan housing. The completed unit is then tested and re­viewed for balance before shipment. Performance and sound level data are obtained from an independent testing firm, in accordance with the Standard Test Code for Air Moving Devices, published by the Air Movement and Control Association.

The fan shaft and bearing are designed to operate well below their critical speed. Bearings exceed the 100,000 hour life-rating specified in Standard B-10.


Fan bases are fabricated of heavy gauge steel coated with vinyl-phenolic paint. Other coatings are available to suit specific applications.

Fan Arrangements: 

Arrangement 9 is the standard belt drive position. Arrangements 1, 4 and 8 are available for most series and fan sizes.

Arrangement 1:

The wheel and pulley are overhung. The two bearings are mounted on the pedestal at the drive side. The motor is independently mounted nearby.

Arrangement 4:

Direct drive. No coupling or bearings are provided. The wheel is mounted on the motor shaft and overhung.

Arrangement 8:

Direct drive. Coupling connection of motor to fan shaft and bearings.

Arrangement 9:

Both wheel and pulley are overhung. The two bearings are mounted on the pedestal at the drive side. The motor is mounted on the pedestal.

Arrangement 10:

Both wheel and pulley are overhung. The two bearings are mounted on the pedestal at the drive side. The motor is mounted inside the steel fan base.  

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