Fiberglass Ducting, Dampers, Hoods, and Stacks

FRP Duct, Dampers, Hoods and Stacks



Rigidon Fiberglass Ducting - Low Flamespread with Fire Retardant resins 


The molded rigidon duct is available in a number of standard sizes. HEIL, however, can produce custom sized ducts with speciality fittings. We even supply ducts with flanged ends, where necessary. Along with flexibility in construction specs, another advantage to our rigidon duct assembly is cost-effectiveness. We employ a joining technique that uses older flanging common to metals. This process eliminates the need for drilling, bolts and gasket, producing permanent leak-proof joints. 


Fiberglass Dampers - Low Leakage and rugged, conforming to AMCA standards. 

HEIL Series 212 and 214 Low Leakage Fiberglass dampers are provided with flanges on each end.  The series 212 damper is rated up for applications up to 10" of water column and the Series 214 damper is rated for applications up to 30" water column.  Damper sizes are available from 4" though 72".

 Low leakage damper 


Fiberglass Exhaust Hoods and Covers - Corrosion resistant rugged plenums for capturing gases and fumes.

HEIL Engineered Process Equipment exhaust hoods are available in five standard styles. Our engineering department ensures that the design of our hoods meet the latest standards set by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists for ventilating open process tanks. HEIL hoods offer a number of advantages, including:

  1. Outstanding chemical resistance
  2. Rugged homogeneous construction
  3. Light weight
  4. No need for maintenance or painting



Fiberglass Stacks with Superior Design and Construction Design

The techniques our engineers employ create cost-effective, long-lasting equipment.

Our staff, with an extensive knowledge of design, materials and fabrication methods, as well as corrosion problems, offer you the most economical parts.

We have produced some of the largest guyed and free-standing fiberglass stacks in the country. We build exhaust stacks from 6 inches to 144 inches in diameter and as high as 285 feet above grade.

Our stacks have a built-in safety factor of 10:1 and a maximum deflection of 1/180 of the unsupported span.Stacks are designed according to state code requirements and for earthquake areas and to meet your local wind loading conditions.


Fiberglass Stack Construction

We use only premium grade resin when forming the corrosion barriers of the stacks.

Stacks can be provided with flange, butt-weld, or bell and spigot connections.

HEIL can furnish stacks complete with reinforced inlet breechings, lightning ground arrestor systems, aircraft or identification lights, coated steel guy bands or supported bands, sampling test ports or stack accessories to fit your specific application.

Advantages of a HEIL Fiberglass Stack

  • High-strength and lightweight
  • Economical
  • Low assemble cost
  • No maintenance required
  • Stable under most environmental conditions
  • Exceptional corrosion resistance in more than 1000 chemical environments
  • Built to your specifications
  • Longer life than steel, lined steel, or alloy stacks.


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