Superior Corrosion Resistant Chemical Storage Tanks

Process and Chemical Storage Tanks

HEIL FRP, fiber reinforced plastic, chemical storage tanks provide superior corrosion resistance and longer service life, for the best cost-value equation.

Tanks are not all created equal and HEIL customers know it. HEIL has per­fected the art and craft of producing FRP tanks by pushing the production envelope with CAD technology and CAM execution.


The difference really starts on the floor of our plant, however, with experienced HEIL engineers and methodologies developed over the past 70 years.

HEIL high standards deliver added value to you. 

Tanks Built with Fiber Reinforced Plastic

Quality is a policy, not a catch phrase.

Our plant maintains high quality-control and production standards. 

Every tank builder is trained in the principles of FRP produc­tion and practices to ensure that a HEIL tank reflects its built-in qual­ity.

HEIL employees are empowered to take front line responsibility for quality conformance procedures from design to delivery. 


Tanks Offering More Than Corrosion Resistance

We supply competitive high-quality products and services that meet the cus­tomer's requirements every time. HEIL employees are trained according to the principle that quality can be managed and that a durable quality management process produces savings that we pass along to customers.  
With HEIL, first costs are last costs, by design.

Some of the first chemical storage tanks we built are still in service today.That’s an unbeatable investment and here’s why:

  1. Because our tanks are resistant to corrosion inside and out, for a low-maintenance, long service life.
  2. Because only custom-formulated premium resins are used in construction.
  3. Because each tank meets our customer’s individual performance specifications.
  4. Because HEIL tanks exceed values of PS 15-69 and ASTM D-3299 standards.
  5. Because HEIL value-added production and installation keeps costs below that of lined steel or alloys.

Tell us what you want, how and when you want it and we'll build it for you. Resins used in the construction of HEIL tanks can resist over 2,000 chemical reagents. They can handle just about any caustic brew you need to store or process, as well as water and waste. 

Our tanks are designed for all-weather ser­vice and temperature extremes, from snow and ice to desert heat. Resins and rein­forcing materials used in HEIL tanks are resis­tant to environmental degradation.

HEIL customizes FRP storage tanks to meet operating specifications and we also produce standard sizes to reduce costs and pass savings on to our customers.

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